College Visits

Hello again,

Please read these important reminders to prepare for upcoming college visits.

1.COLLEGE VISITS – In Mr. Perdomo’s Room. All high school Visual Arts students must attend the visits that are after school.  Be prepared with your portfolio.

Tuesday, 1/20 (A Day) 2-3:45 PM (7th Period) – Cleveland Institute of Art (

Thursday, 1/22 (A Day) 2-3:45 PM (7th Period) – Memphis College of Art (

Friday, 1/23 (B Day) 12:15 PM – 2:00 PM (6th Period) – Virginia Commonwealth University (

Friday, 1/23 (B Day) 2-3:30 PM (After School) – Hartford Art School (

Thursday, 1/29 (B Day) 2-3:30 PM (After School) – Parson’s College (

2.NATIONAL PORTFOLIO DAY – The National Portfolio Day is an important College Fair with over 70 art and design schools represented. MAC requires all juniors and seniors to attend, and we strongly encourage 10th graders to participate as well. The event is free.

  • National Portfolio Day
  • Sat, Jan 24: Miami, Florida, Miami Dade College, Kendall Campus
  • Theodore R. Gibson Health Center, Building 7/G [Gymnasium]
  • 11011 SW 104 Street Miami, FL 33176
  • Hosted by: New World School of the Arts
  • Time: 12:00pm – 4:00pm

*What to expect – Upon arrival, students will be asked to register at a desk (no charge) and then begin making their way to schools they want to meet with. All of the schools have set up tables in a large conference room. Students will wait in line in front of the schools they choose until they reach the representatives who will conduct short interviews while reviewing portfolios. The admissions representatives use this meeting as an opportunity to interview out-of-state candidates, making a personal connection and learning more about the student’s work than is feasible through the general application. For seniors, this is an important final meeting with reps who have gotten to know them over the past years. The reps are looking to see new work and will be making important decisions regarding acceptances and scholarships. For underclassmen, this is a chance to form a personal relationship with the people who will be considering your college application in later years. Getting to know a rep early can make all the difference when it comes time to allocate scholarship funds.

*What to bring – A portfolio of at least 10 current works accompanied with a sketchbook or art book. 2D media can be presented in any type of portfolio (cardboard, leather, plastic, etc.) as long as it is easy to cary and simple to open and view work. Laptops can also be used to show digital work. Make sure your laptop is fully charged. (You may not have WIFI access so make sure your images are downloaded into a concise folder. Don’t waste the reps time searching for images!) Do not show work on a smartphone. Do not bring any works framed in glass or other fragile material. Do not bring sculptures. 3D works should be photographed and printed. Do not show works over 2 years old.

*When to arrive – Although the start time is noon, we suggest arriving at 11 AM because the lines can get very long. (In the past, some students have even brought a buddy to wait in line for them while they are being reviewed at other schools.)

*Parents – Parents are allowed to attend but do not usually accompany students. They will often help the student in to the event and then leave and return to pick them up at 4 PM. Please email me if you have questions or concerns.


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