Good morning,

I will printing work today and getting ready for MAC@BAC….please come see me first thing this morning.

Ty and Mikayla – Ty delivered your prints this morning (thank you:)

Molly and Maria – Please come see me to let me know if and what you need printed

Seal, Val, and Sebastian – You should all have your work ready today, please come see me


Hello all, hope you’ve had a great Spring Break!

Just wanted to remind everyone that we are accepting donations for MAC @ BAC.  Would greatly appreciate if everyone could bring in something (we request two items per student).  Donations can be delivered to Mr. Perdomo’s room.

  • Wine
  • 2 Liter Bottles of Soda
  • Large Bottles of Juice
  • Clear Plastic Cups (tumblers)
  • Cocktail Napkins


Link to buy tix:

  • Remember it helps to get tickets in advance so that we can avoid long lines at the entrance.
  • All MAC Visual Arts students are admitted free.
  • Children age 10 or younger are admitted free.


Top works from all grade levels will be chosen for inclusion in the exhibit this week.  Remember this is a juried exhibit and we consider it an honor to be included. Late or unfinished works will not be included.


It takes a group effort to pull off an amazing show. We need help from both student and parent volunteers before, during and after the show. Here is a list of jobs. If you would like to help out please email Ms. Preston at:

  • Transporting Artwork to BAC on Monday 3/30 and Tuesday 3/31. Exact times TBD. We are seeking two energetic parents with large vehicles!
  • Installing artwork in the gallery on Tuesday 3/13 and Wednesday 4/1. Times TBD. 2-4 parents.
  • During the event on 4/2 from 5:30-9:30 PM we need parents to man the admissions table, selling tickets, keeping watch on the kids, serving drinks, refilling ice. 4-6 parents total.
  • Tear down- Monday 4/6 from 9 AM-2 PM. 4 parents.

*Student volunteers are needed all for all jobs as well. Any student who would like to volunteer can email Ms. Preston and we will work with them to determine a job that fits their abilities and schedule. (Most jobs are better suited for high school students, but we will try to accommodate as many students as possible.)


We are grateful to parents for supporting the event through the donation of goods. All can be brought to MAC on Monday 3/30 and Tuesday 3/31.

  • Wine
  • 2 Liter Bottles of Soda
  • Large Bottles of Juice
  • Clear Plastic Cups (tumblers)
  • Cocktail Napkins

Thank you all for your contented support. We look forward to working with you to make this our best show yet!

Spring Break came early….

I hope you are all taking advantage of Spring Break starting early and are using it as an opportunity for production.

You should all be getting your pieces ready for MAC@BAC.  Remember that it is an honor to be included in the exhibition and I expect that your dedication to yourself and your artwork will be evident in the level of work you produce.  This is your chance to share your work with the community and represent the high caliber of artwork everyone’s come to expect out of MAC’s Visual Art Department. I expect nothing but your best.

When we return to school on Monday, March 30th, your pieces should be READY FOR EXHIBITION.  If my assistance is necessary for printing than you need to email me your size specifications and your files should be on DropBox, formatted and ready to print. If you have the capability and/or resources to print yourself (that would be greatly appreciated) just make sure the quality of your prints and choice of presentation are professional and well conceived.

I am also considering having small prints matted, signed, and sold in sleeves at the show.  If you would like your work considered for inclusion than you may upload up to five photographs of your choosing to the FOR SALE folder on DropBox.

Don’t hesitate to email me if you need feedback or have questions.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ~G.B. Shaw

Happy Friday everyone!

Remember tonight is the free opening of the YoungArts exhibition showcasing winners from the Art, Design, Photography and Writing categories. Please join us in celebrating the achievements of our winner, Mark Fleuridor, and many other talented young people.

We’re going to Paris and Rome!

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

Global awareness is more essential than ever for our children, and the best way to become globally aware is by traveling abroad. Experiencing new cultures not only opens students’ eyes to the world, it also prepares them for the future. More and more colleges and universities are looking for international experience on students’ applications to set them apart. Travel isn’t just educational; it’s an investment that gives your child an advantage in a competitive world.

With that in mind, I’m excited to announce that a group of students and teachers from the Visual Arts Department at Miami Arts Charter School are traveling on an educational tour. This opportunity is currently open to students in grades 9, 10, and 11.

Paris and Rome in June of 2016

On this tour, students will experience new cultures and visit important landmarks such as The Louvre and Vatican City.

We’re hosting a meeting to discuss this opportunity in detail and answer any questions at 6:30pm on Tuesday, March 10, 2015. The meeting will be held on campus in Mr. Perdomo’s classroom. If you and your child would like to attend, you can RSVP by emailing me at and/or return the form below.

The tour is operated by EF Educational Tours. You can learn more online at:

There are a limited number of spots available and the tour is sure to fill up quickly, so please attend the meeting if you are interested. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will truly set your child apart.

Please remember to bring a method of payment (credit card or check) for the enrollment fee of only $95 to the meeting.

I’m excited and looking forward to having you on tour!


Michelle Girardello

Creative Photography Director

Don’t forget that tomorrow we will be having progress critiques on your Concentration/Thematic Body of work.  At this point you should have 7 completed pieces uploaded and ready for class. It should be evident at this point in your work that you have thoroughly investigated your chosen subject, are taking risks in your work, develop ideas, etc.

The concentration should grow out of the student’s idea and demonstrate growth and discovery through a number of conceptually related works. In this section, the evaluators are interested not only in the work presented but also in visual evidence of the student thinking, selected method of working and development of the work over time. Students are encouraged to include images that document their processes of thinking and creating.

The Concentration (Sustained Investigation) section includes spaces for a written commentary, which must accompany the work in this section, describing what the concentration is and how it evolved. Students are asked to respond to the following:

1. Clearly and simply state the central idea of your concentration.

2. Explain how the work in your concentration demonstrates your intent and the exploration of your idea. You may refer to specific images as examples.

Although the responses themselves are not scored as pieces of writing, they provide critical information for evaluating the artwork. Thus, they should be well written. Students should be encouraged to formulate their responses to the first question early in the year, as they define the direction their concentration will take. Responses should be concise; the space available for them in the Web application is generous, but the number of characters that can be typed is limited. Responses should be focused on the information requested.

–College Board

Please be aware of a great opportunity for teens- workshops exploring contemporary themes and practices in Visual Arts held the third Saturday of every month until June.

Follow this link for more info:


Miami Arts Charter School- Harley Walker

Matt Iudean


dheya campbell

Dheya originally is a small town type a gal. With her move in 2015 her life has taken on a new challenge at Miami Arts Charter! Where students have been tasked to do the 365 self portrait challenge. She is inspired by her families flaws, and motivates her to put her all into her photos. She likes to convey raw feeling and emotion in her photos. She is more oganic and is in love with b&w photos along with silent films. Have a ball keeping up with her.

N. Valentina Peralta

Miami Arts Charter School – Photography – Period 3.


Miami Arts Charter School - Period 4

Nick Suarez Photography

Miami Arts Charter School - Photography - Period 4

Lola Velez

Miami Arts Charter School/Photography/P-1

Arianne Barac

Miami Arts Charter - Photography

Katherine Nichols

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Sol Leonardi

Miami Art Charter-Photography-Period 3


Miami Arts Charter School . Photography Period 3

Andrea Valeriano

Photography - Period 3


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Miami Arts Charter School - Photography -Period 1

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Miami Arts Charter School - Ms. Shelly

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Paloma Baeumler

Miami Arts Charter School - Photography - Period 3

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Miami Arts Charter School - Photograpy- Period1

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By Karen

Valentina Sokolova

Miami Arts Charter School - Photography - Period 3

Cynthia Milic

Period 2 Miami Arts Charter

Yamilet Trinidad

Miami Arts Charter School - Photography - Period 3

Molly Kenney

Miami Arts Charter / Photography / Period 3


Miami Arts Charter ~ Photography ~ Period 1

Photo - Period 6

Miami Arts Charter School - Ms. Shelly

Photo - Period 5

Miami Arts Charter School - Ms. Shelly

Domenica Passariello

Miami Arts Charter School - Photography - Period 2

Isabella Bru

Miami Arts Charter

Ralph Renick

MiamiArtsCharterSchool-Photography-Period 2

Gabby Glans


Maria Cardona

Miami Arts Charter School- Period 5

Ty Davis


Noelia Jerez

MiamiArtsCharterSchool-Photography_Period 3

camila papale

Miami Arts Charter School-Photography-Period3

Julieta Rivadero

Miami Arts Charter School- Photography - Period 3